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Social Media Strategy

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Compelling Stories Like Yours Deserve Strong Social Media Strategies

With over 4 billion users worldwide, social media platforms present a goldmine of opportunities for nonprofit organizations. Our team at The Cause Agency helps nonprofits like yours use social media channels to connect with supporters. 

You want a successful social media strategy that places your brand in front of the right target audience and creates meaningful engagements that advance your organization’s mission. Our team of Change Agents can help you get there.

The way we see things, interactive content encourages avid supporters of your cause to share your organization’s message with their friends and followers, ultimately helping you reach a wider audience. At The Cause Agency, we’ll be the connecting point and use your social media presence to take your message to new audiences. We’ll share what we know about interacting with potential supporters, regardless of geographical location, and how to stay on top of emerging trends in social media usage. We’ll introduce time-tested strategies to keep your followers engaged and excited.

You want to get people talking about your nonprofit’s work — life-changing work, we believe. Our creative social media strategies aim to get you there, bringing your mission to life online post by post.

Inspire Your Followers to Become Champions of Your Cause

Whether you are creating new social media accounts or have an existing follower base, we can strategically craft content to fit your social media platform of choice and incorporate interactive features that allow your followers to be more than spectators.

We work with your team to determine your most pressing needs and the primary goal of your social media campaigns. These goals could be:

Expanding Your Follower Base

If reaching new audiences and turning awareness into action is on your social media wish-list, we have some thoughts on how to get your nonprofit there. First things first, we recommend you maximize the one major advantage of social media posts: they’re not bound by geographical locations.

Depending on your cause and vision, our team can assist your organization in expanding your reach by connecting with like-minded supporters worldwide. We’ll offer them an opportunity to actively engage in your nonprofit work from wherever they live.

Promoting Ongoing or Future Events

Most social media platforms enable users to search for events by interest or locality. These platforms also enhance an organization’s reach by offering simple filters to ensure your events reach the intended demographic.

Nonprofits like yours can utilize these features to promote ongoing or future events — in fact, our team of Change Agents will see to it! We will craft and post shareable content to your organization’s pages to encourage engagement from your nonprofit’s social media followers, ultimately enabling your events to attract more attention.


We help you leverage your social media following to raise funds for your nonprofit organization.

 A good social media strategy can be the catalyst for a successful fundraising drive — and our team is here to secure your success in the fundraising field.

Our team can design campaign plans tailored to the best-suited social media platforms for your fundraising efforts. We craft creative and engaging content to keep your donors interested in your nonprofit’s activities and utilize educational tools, success stories, and more to show donors how their contributions make a difference.

Brand Recognition

Any successful social media strategy will incorporate brand recognition. After all, brand recognition is a crucial element in inspiring trust in your organization.

At the Cause Agency, we appreciate the critical role that brand trust plays, especially in nonprofits, so we will take great care in nurturing confidence in your brand through authentic, thought-provoking content. Part of this work is using a consistent brand voice across all social media platforms. Our copywriters are experienced at writing in various organizations’ unique voices and ultimately doing their part to help create a defined and trustworthy identity for your nonprofit.

We Geek Out Over Innovative Social Campaigns

Once we’ve identified your core objectives, our Cause Agents get to work crafting a winning social media marketing strategy and campaign to advance your agenda.

Along with the campaign we content calendar services to make sure your message is regularly shared in many different forms.

To see how The Cause Agency, has crafted compelling content in the past, see our work with the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur and Don’t Forget to Feed Me.

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Become Someone's Favorite Corner of the Internet

We all have our favorite corners of the internet — places to feel inspired, snort laugh and feel understood. Let’s get to work turning your social channels into a sought-after place for likeminded world changers.