The Cause Agency
The Cause Agency

Business Development

Whether it’s strategies to raise dollars or to enhance community partnerships, our work is geared toward growing your business or non-profit. We educate, we ideate, we network and we negotiate with the sole focus of bringing opportunities to help you be a healthier, stronger and more effective entity.

Sales Support

We understand selling: training, tools, follow-up and closing. Surveys, digital, events, print. Whether it’s customized pitch decks or a video that really tells your story, we can prepare you and provide you with the proper information and collateral materials for when you are in front of decision makers. We will show you multiple ways to make connections and how to build on them, plus ways to manage your leads for retention and new leads.


Engaging stakeholders and building strategic partnerships require the right balance of strategy, timing, communications style and transparency. With our extensive experience and connections in the community and beyond, we will serve as your sounding board and offer personal and lead generation opportunities.

Our goal is to increase access to your buyers and potential partners. Partnerships with appropriate organizations extend relationships and increase involvement and support. In addition, we can help facilitate connections between your company’s experts to the right people and the perfect collaborations in industry initiatives, programming and resources.

Other services might include:

  • Focus an intense effort to building your databases of leads and personal connections
  • Devise a system for regular lead online generation
  • Research and connect with businesses near your satellite offices, human resource departments, targeted industry associations and other ideal prospect groups, organizations and decision makers
  • Find opportunities for your team to make presentations and speaking appearances
  • Find connections and monitor events and groups that would provide you with valuable networking opportunities

Not sure? Try our $1,500 discovery package, which includes:

  • Q&A form to be answered
  • 2.5-3 hours of discovery 
  • Short form summary report