The Cause Agency


Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity gives your organization a visual identity that represents the culture, values and mission of your organization. Branding your mission is how we boost public awareness and name recognition for your organization. Simply put, your brand is your promise. And creating a memorable brand is our promise to you.


If your brand identity is your promise, design is what tells the rest of the story; why your promise matters. Color, layout, copy, type— it all works together to reinforce your brand in a consistent way that communicates your goals and passion. Anyone can create work that is eye-catching, but your organization deserves something that is soul catching, something that makes your audience take notice then rally behind your cause. That’s all in a day’s work for The Cause Agency.

Public Relations

The Cause Agency gets excited about seeing organizations make positive social impact in our communities. So excited, in fact, that we can’t help but tell everyone we know. Luckily we know a lot of people and have solid relationships with local and national media. Our public relations experts can help your organization increase visibility, manage public perceptions, galvanize support and find innovative ways to communicate your mission to new audiences.

Marketing Plans

At The Cause Agency we love to boast about our ability to build marketing plans that are effective and cost effective. Our marketing plans are strategic and budget conscious with customization to serve the mission. Our marketing plans make a distinction between the hearers and the doers. We don’t just get your message out to a bigger audience; we put it directly in front of your target audience.

Campaign Development

Think of campaigns as short-term mission trips. They take a lot of work and coordination but they serve the organization by taking the “big picture” needs and tackling them in manageable parts. The Cause Agency builds creative campaigns that will reinforce your overall brand and help your organization and its audience maintain focus on the larger mission at hand.

Business Development

Whether it’s strategies to raise dollars or to enhance community partnerships, our work is geared toward growing your business or non-profit. We educate, we ideate, we network and we negotiate with the sole focus of bringing opportunities to help you be a healthier, stronger and more effective entity. Read more

Social Media

Social Media allows you to take your message into the public square and get people talking about the important work you’re doing. With compelling content crafted by The Cause Agency, followers become evangelists for your mission by spreading the word to their like-minded circle of influence. Our social media efforts get the conversation started and keep people talking.

Grant Writing

With our extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, The Cause Agency has partnered with experts who are well-versed in the grant writing process. We know how to articulate your mission and make a strong case for how your organization and its programs meet the requirements that accomplish the objectives set forth by the foundations awarding the grants. More than that, we know how to highlight the unique qualities that set your organization apart from the other worthy organizations competing for funds with proposals that aren’t only well written, but memorable.

Fundraising Ideas

We know that nonprofits have one thing in common; they need to raise more money and do more good to help the most people. With so many organizations competing for donations, it’s important to develop fundraising campaigns and events that build long-term support in the communities where you serve. That’s where we come in. Our Cause Agents can help generate fundraising ideas that elevate your cause and gain donor support that goes beyond the here and now.

Last, But Not Least:

We can also help your cause take flight with market research, web design, event planning, print brokering, copywriting, illustration, video and photography.

Who do we work with?

The Cause Agency works with nonprofit organizations that have reached the point where they need a full-service creative team to come along beside them to carry out marketing and public relations initiatives beyond the scope of their existing staff. We help nonprofits develop a focused message and clear brand identity that will target the right supporters and turn those supporters into true advocates for their cause— which, ultimately, means better advancement opportunities for all people in our communities.

Ideally, a Cause Agency Client:

• Has established a budget for marketing efforts
• Has a measurable goal in mind for what their marketing effort should accomplish
• Has determined a timeline or is open to guidance from TCA
• Is ready to collaborate with TCA to accomplish marketing goals

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