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Public Relations Strategies

Public relations for nonprofit organizations plays an important role in furthering your cause — we know because our Cause Agents have worked in the world of public relations for decades. We’ve seen from our own professional experience that the public’s perception of your organization and brand identity can make or break the success of your mission.

The Cause Agency is ready to help you build a solid public relations strategy that establishes your nonprofit as impactful and effective. We believe this work will not only raise the profile of your organization, but also increase stakeholder activity including volunteering, donations and advocacy for your cause.

Many nonprofit organizations don’t ever step into the world of public relations because it’s an arena far removed from their day-to-day work with communities and difference-making. However, we can be your trusted partner. Take a look at the work we’ve done with organizations like Amphibian Stage, Tarrant County Blue and More Than Budgets.

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Our Public Relations Approach for Nonprofits

The Cause Agency’s industry expertise and long track record with nonprofits gives us a unique competitive edge. You go to work every day for a cause that matters and we do too. We are committed to working with organizations like yours that positively impact the world. Thanks to our PR background, our team can grow your PR efforts and help you reach the right audiences.

Our Cause Agents have spent decades building relationships with media outlets on both local and national levels that now enable our team to spread your message far and wide. Our innovative nonprofit public relations strategies are just the tools you need to build positive relationships with your target audience.

Social Media

At The Cause Agency, we appreciate the importance of utilizing different platforms, building relationships with significant creators and influencers, and creating content that both attracts attention and drives engagement.

We utilize a comprehensive social media approach to ensure nonprofits reach their PR goals and maximize their impact. Our team uses creative social media posts to tell your organization’s story, develop personal relationships with your target audience and turn followers into both advocates and avid supporters.

Human Interest

At the heart of it all, nonprofit organizations set out to make the world a better place. Human interest stories are the best way to communicate the impact of your cause in the world, specific communities and human lives. At The Cause Agency, our team will take your work and achievements and wrap them in stories that connect. Time and time again, we find these stories are what rally people to a mission they believe in.

Donors, volunteers and other stakeholders get involved in the work of nonprofits because they want to impact people’s lives as well. By sharing your good work and success stories in the right way (and through the proper channels), your nonprofit can connect with like-minded audiences that want to join your efforts.

Media Relations

At The Cause Agency, we have a vast resource of media contacts to get your message across to local and national audiences. Our in-house public relations experts are here to craft a winning press release or get media coverage of your events for maximum visibility and exposure.

As part of our nonprofit public relations strategy, our team of Change Agents are continuously developing media relationships. For your unique public relations strategy, we will see to it that you benefit from an extensive array of media outlets with which our team has cultivated relationships.

Print Media

Not to be left off the list, our PR strategies for nonprofits include traditional print media coverage. From magazines to your local newspaper, these outlets help reach the right audiences. 

As part of a PR marketing strategy, print media continues to prove effective in raising awareness of events and fundraising efforts. In fact, as a long-respected media tool, the right publication can be a powerful force in cultivating your credibility as a nonprofit organization.

As a nonprofit agency ourselves, we understand your organization’s unique needs and have the expertise to develop and execute effective public relations strategies to help you achieve your goals.

You Deserve PR That Makes You Proud

Our team will make sure people are saying “Have you heard about <insert your nonprofit’s name>?” with pride, amazement and the kind of excitement that makes others want to jump in and join. 

Let’s tell the best chapter of your story yet with PR that makes you proud.