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PCs for People Website

In 2021, PCs for People contacted TCA for help with a rebrand, marketing and website redesign. The organization has a mission to end the digital divide and needed a website that better aided that effort.

Their concerns about the website included a confusing user experience, unclear messaging, and an overall brand image that didn’t accurately match the professional, high-quality work they do. The PCs for People team wanted clear routes for their customers to follow and find what they need, an easy way for customers to sign up for events, and all-around clearer language about who PCs for People is and what they do.

After getting their feedback with briefs and meetings, TCA got to work. We transformed their website with a fresh look, streamlined menu and new content to better serve their community of customers. The website went through a development process, then several rounds of revisions before we launched a test site to PCs for People and their users of choice. After revisions, a final draft was created and reviewed before the final website went live in May 2022.

We’re proud to have helped PCs for People connect with more customers and push forward in their mission. They’re repurposing millions of pounds of e-waste and helping all people — regardless of income — benefit from the life-changing impact of computers and mobile internet.

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