The Cause Agency

Key School And Training Center

For more than 55 years, Key School has been an educational hallmark in Tarrant County. Their move to a new location prompted the board of directors and leadership team to seek out an update to their branding and messaging in 2022. They reached out to The Cause Agency for help.

About Key School

The Key School was established in 1966 by Mary Ann Key to serve dyslexic students during the summer. By 1980, high demand for the teaching approach prompted the establishment of a nine-month program; The Key School became fully accredited the following year.

By 2018, in an effort to help more students and extend its influence, the Key School Academic Language Therapy (KSALT) training program was added, and the organization was rebranded to The Key Center for Learning Differences. While the Center incorporates the school, summer school and Core online programs, as well as KSALT, its brand equity and revenue are driven primarily by the school.

The Cause Agency’s Work

To begin, The Cause Agency hosted a brand workshop with Key School staff, board members and a school client. The workshop brought to light several important objectives:

  • Better define the organization’s brand promise, brand vision, brand positioning, brand personality and brand affiliation
  • Clarify the functions of the school services and determine the confusion of the school’s name
  • Inspire everyone who works in or is affiliated with the Key organization to rally around the brand promise and ensure consistency at every point of contact.

Given the equity of Key School and the desire to continue building its awareness and authority, The Cause Agency recommended that the organization’s messaging lean into the Key School. Furthermore, to maximize existing leverage and help set the school up for long-term success, The Cause Agency suggested changing the Key Center’s name to The Key School and Training Center.

Several other branding elements were updated, including the adoption of a new mission statement and tagline.

New Mission Statement: Unleashing student and teacher success with individualized instruction, training, and advocacy

New Tagline: Where Education Goes Beyond One Size Fits All

In addition, a new logo, color palette, typography, and mascot depiction were created to recognize the school’s history and help them move forward as an organization into their bright future.

The Cause Agency also provided new brand guidelines to empower the organization to use their new branding with confidence. We are excited to see how the school expands with a refreshed vision for their brand and mission!