The Cause Agency


In the fall of 2017, The Cause Agency launched our first-ever fundraiser called Common Thread – a t-shirt sale. We selected six causes for a friendly, local contest to promote awareness of nonprofits in Fort Worth and options for giving. Then, local artists, who are Cause Agents, volunteered to design t-shirts that would spark a conversation about the cause the design represents.

Local nonprofits participated by promoting their cause’s t-shirt and competed for a chance to win a pro-bono marketing services prize.

The Ask was Simple

Participating nonprofits got the word out to their supporters to help support both the Cause Agency’s mission and their favorite local charity.

Who Won?

Mental Health America was the big winner of a pro-bono marketing project! They received the most “votes” by reaching out to their board, their volunteers and their supporters. The Cause Agency is currently developing a scalable marketing calendar that MHA will use to generate publicity for their three annual fundraising events.


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