Case Study

Tarrant County Blue

The Challenge 

Tarrant County Blue (TCB) is an organization in Fort Worth dedicated to providing financial gifts to each fallen officer’s family in an effort to express the community’s love and appreciation. Our client, Worthington National Bank (WNB), is the primary supporter for this nonprofit. When Fort Worth Police officer Brett Hull was killed in the line of duty, they asked us to act swiftly to send out a press announcement asking for the community to step up to the plate to donate to the fallen officer’s family. 

The Solution

As the news was breaking, J.O. executed the release and the follow up plan. From our experience, we knew that if the breaking news of Hull’s death included a call to action for giving, we could maximize donations. In total, two press releases were distributed – one local and one national via PR Newswire. With both releases, we targeted customized pitches to reporters covering the fallen officers. The PR team also followed up with phone calls and a verification email all within 24 hours. Additionally, we drafted an outreach letter for Worthington to send to their customers rallying for donations to TCB.

Police Badge

The Result

The first press release received nine total pieces of coverage with more than 15,178,632 online readers and 35,140 estimated true coverage views. The release was also posted by third parties onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter gaining 629 additional impressions. The second press release via PR Newswire received 246 pieces of coverage with a potential 149,232,736 online audience and an estimated 904,227 views. It delivered impressions on third party posts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter 1,549 times!

Since we donated our professional services to the cause, our ROI was a loyal client. We came under budget with the newswire press release total of $1,300, thus producing an ROI of 5,384% from the $70,000 in donations made by more than 200 individuals and corporate entities.