Case Study

Lone Survivor Foundation

(now Operation Red Wings Foundation)

In 2010, Marcus Luttrell founded Lone Survivor Foundation to restore, empower and renew hope for wounded service members and their families.

Did you know the estimated number of combat service members, veterans who suffer from signature wounds such as invisible injuries of combat trauma, traumatic brain injury (or both) is 1 in 3? These signature wounds include painful symptoms such as flashbacks, avoidance, isolation, hyper-arousal reactions including anger outbursts.

U.S. Marines with 5th Battalion at a joint training exercise in mountains

LSF’s Focus

Empower and renew hope for wounded service members and their families.

Lone Survivors Foundation’s focus is to educate service members, veterans and their family members on the warning signs, symptoms and characteristics of these injuries to better prepare our men and women when returning home. The Foundation was founded by and for Marcus Luttrell.

The Cause Agency was hired by Lone Survivor to elevate the brand image to reflect the amazing work done by the Foundation, conduct an extensive market research study on their existing clientele and donors, and simplify the messaging with a more impactful punch.

Unveiling Hope: Explore the Lone Survivors Foundation Brochure

Included in the brochure were stories of resilience, programs that make a difference and ways to join their mission. The printed piece displayed the organization’s tapestry of support and charted a journey to empowerment.

Brochure Design