Case Study

Amphibian Stage

In 2020, Amphibian Stage contacted The Cause Agency for help in promoting their all-digital experience of The True History of the Tragic Life and Triumphant Death of Julia Pastrana. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had pivoted the production of the play from an in-person experience to a digital audio production and word needed to get out.

The Cause Agency identified 238 local, national and international news outlets with focuses in theatre, sound recording technology, human rights and the arts, and then contacted each outlet through a strategic plan of emails and press releases.

Amphibian Theatre events

Amphibian Stage Promotions

The promotional outreach brought widespread attention to the production. A total of 34 pieces of coverage were produced with an estimated 533,000 views, including pieces by The New York Times, The Arts Fuse (Boston), and many local publications and websites. The estimated online reach of these features was 1.24 billion.

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Amphibian Theatre group photo