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Why Nonprofits Need Marketing

Nonprofits work hard to help their community with fundraising, volunteerism, and tackle social issues. With so many donors to contact and programs to run, nonprofits run out of time for marketing.

Online activity will never fully serve the needs of nonprofit marketing but it’s a great place to start. Without a strategy organizations simply adapt as they go. The problem is, marketing takes a back seat to everything else that needs to be done.

To attract and maintain support, nonprofits must be in constant communication with donors and the community. Otherwise their message can fall through the cracks. Nonprofit marketing is not about selling a product; it’s selling the cause. It communicates the need for support in order to solve real-world problems.

In order to keep volunteers, members, sponsors, donors, etc., nonprofits must be known. Marketing is vital to accomplish that goal. When armed with a marketing plan, nonprofits can counter failing donations and a lack of volunteers by making sure people know about them and their mission.

Are you involved with a nonprofit? Have you seen marketing take a back seat to other needs in the organization? How has that affected your mission?