The Cause Agency
The Cause Agency

A Nonprofit Advertising Agency: Changing Our City with Creative Problem Solving

Submitting ideas on how to solve problems in our city at the TCA Brain Trust.

Ideas submitted at the TCA Brain Trust event.


For more than two years, The Cause Agency (TCA) was a “Work In Progress” agency.  Turning the dream of a nonprofit advertising agency into reality was no easy task but TCA persevered. We filed paperwork, formed a Board of Directors, wrote by-laws and organized volunteer professional creatives who share our passion for positive change.


In 2014, The Cause Agency officially launched and took on its first pro bono client, More Than Budgets. Started by Economist and Texas Christian University professor, Dawn Elliot, More Than Budgets is financial training and mentoring for citizens trapped in a cycle of poverty. We are amazed by the work of this organization and its founder and are proud to help them in their effort to help disenfranchised people in our community.


To motivate our talented volunteers with a similar project of our own, TCA implemented a passion project. We collected a group of trusted friends, fellow artists and professional colleagues and held a Brain Trust event. The purpose was to come together and submit ideas on how to solve problems in our city.


We weren’t sure how our first TCA Brain Trust event would fair. Would people come? Would they speak up? Will this work? The result was nothing short of amazing. Our event produced mind-blowing ideas from a group of talented writers, designers and artist. The problem was, the ideas were too good, too big. How would we accomplish this? Then we realized; we don’t have to.


We’re calling on these bright minds again, this time to do a little problem solving. If these brilliant people can find innovative ways to solve citywide problems, they can certainly find creative ways to solve the logistical roadblocks.


Of the ideas submitted, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three ideas. The first could solve a problem for elderly shut-ins in our city, the second could create a space for artsy folks to work in and sell their arts and crafts, and the third idea would accommodate our citizens who use public transportation. How will we accomplish one of these things? We don’t know. But we can’t wait to find out.


If you’re interested in pooling your talent to serve our city through The Cause Agency, please email and join us for our second Brain Trust event, this Thursday, Jan. 29 at 6 p.m. at the J.O. offices located at 440 S. Main Street, 76104.