Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency for your Non-Profit

May 3, 2023

Is your in-house marketing team struggling to raise awareness for your nonprofit? Are you struggling to know how to develop a successful marketing plan?

You probably should partner with an agency to increase your success and business value. In traditional agencies, a company employee acts as the contact point interacting directly with the agency’s account manager. Although account management still plays an important role in business, the most important part of your search is to find an effective marketing partner — a team of dedicated marketing experts.

Many nonprofits do not look to contract a marketing agency for their marketing, public relations, advertising, or communication needs. At The Cause Agency, we provide viable, cost-saving approaches to develop and raise awareness for nonprofit initiatives. Our dedicated Cause Agents curate unique messaging and designs by working with our clients on a personal and intrinsic level. Nonprofits need professionals who can create campaigns and strategies with limited funding and resources. Hiring an agency can have many benefits to an in-house marketing team. It doesn’t have to be one of the other. An agency works hand-in-hand with the nonprofit’s in-house marketing team to ensure the brand voice and purpose is heard and recognized.

What is A Full-Service Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency helps its client through creative marketing tactics. This can include social media management, public relations, advertising, branding, and many other services. At The Cause Agency, our agency conducts extensive research about our client’s position within its industry sector so we can choose the best strategies to achieve our client’s goals.

When you work with our agency, you are not just getting one person. You are getting a dedicated team of individuals. Each project will be handled by an account executive, a marketing strategist, a designer, a copywriter, a copyeditor, and a production/traffic manager. With our array of professional skill sets, your nonprofit can have creative services at your disposal.

Our team of communications, marketing, and advertising professionals have a multitude of skills within our arsenal:

  • Award-winning design
  • Internal communications strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Brand development and brand identity
  • Overall strategy and cohesive campaign planning
  • Public relations knowledge
  • Web design development
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Strategic marketing consulting
  • Photography
  • Digital marketing

The Advantages to Hiring an Agency
So why is sourcing experienced professionals from an outside agency advantageous? An in-house marketing team has communications and graphic design professionals as well. What makes an in-house marketing team and a marketing agency so different?

The Expertise of an External Agency
Hiring a full-service marketing agency allows you to capitalize on the expertise and experience of the industry’s brightest, without breaking the bank. Long gone are the days of “Do It Yourself” advertising and marketing. An agency works in cohesion with your nonprofit as an extension of your brand and in-house marketing services, fully dedicated to your marketing success.

At our full-service marketing agency, we have experienced, agency professionals who have a clear understanding of the struggles of nonprofit campaigning and fundraising. Our clients outsource The Cause Agency because we are specialized in our respective fields. From social media marketing to graphic design to copywriting to digital marketing, we are able to curate unique messaging for our clients to maximize their brand voice and purpose. Regardless of your financial challenges, we are here to address your marketing needs and develop successful marketing efforts.

Agency marketing provides your in-house marketing team with external resources, using different marketing tactics to grow your business. Outsourcing professionals is a great way to expand a nonprofit’s resources and diverse capabilities. In-house marketing departments are limited to their team’s skill sets, but hiring agencies allows diverse professionals to bring in new ideas with a fresh pair of eyes.

Digital Marketing Resources Within an Agency
Digital marketing is becoming more and more crucial for the success of nonprofits and companies. Online marketing and social media marketing are great ways to generate awareness for your nonprofit’s purpose and inspire others to join your missions. Our marketing manager ensures that our nonprofit clients’ voices are heard through strategic messaging, SEO, social media campaigns, and website development.

At The Cause Agency, we provide marketing materials that are not always accessible or common knowledge to an in-house marketing team. That’s the beauty of a marketing agency working WITH its client’s in-house marketing team. We help champion and support our client’s initiatives by creating unique web design, content creation, and other specialized marketing tactics.

The Cost-Efficiency of an Agency
Hiring an agency can save your in-house marketing team from spinning their wheels and wasting precious time on marketing aspects they are not familiar with. When you outsource work to an agency, you are enlisting an in-house marketing team that is experienced in what they do. This means that the agency will help expedite the process and help you be one step closer to success.

Contracting an agency saves a company on average 30% in additional expenses. You don’t have to pay for recruitment fees, offset expenses for new hires and learning curves, benefits, taxes, training costs, counting education, and other overhead fees that typically accompany an in-house employee. Additionally, an agency only charges for the time worked, and can produce almost double the amount of work with more efficiency than a full-time employee.

Moreso, hiring and maintaining an in-house marketing team can be costly and expensive. For smaller businesses, hiring a marketing manager, content writer, social media manager, and graphic designer can be too costly. Agencies provide your internal team with a breadth of knowledge and expertise for a fraction of a in-house marketing team price.

The Objectivity of an External Agency
A traditional agency can help provide objectivity to an in-house team campaign. It can be easy for an in-house team to be biased of their work and hinder their company’s business goals due to personal perspective. Internal marketing departments are not always the best because internal resources can work to a company’s disadvantage.

An agency helps companies by offering neutral focus, strategy, and resources. Objectivity is an important factor in the communications process because it allows the best strategies and work to be accomplished instead of simply going with the most favored idea or the opinion of the person with the most sway. It can be difficult for an internal marketing department to not become embroiled in in-house political issues and be swayed by company opinion. Contracting an agency instantly remedies this problem by providing professional advice that is unobstructed by internal prejudice and bias.

Especially with employees of nonprofits, it can be difficult to separate your passion for the nonprofit’s purpose and the strategy and marketing necessary to promote your nonprofit’s purpose to the best of its ability.

The Disadvantages of Marketing In House
Last but not least, a client may understand their company’s mission, purpose, and target audience, but they don’t always understand how to market to their customers. Through proven strategies, The Cause Agency ensures that our nonprofits’ voices are heard through online marketing, digital marketing, and traditional marketing efforts. Through our invaluable resources and tried-and-true strategy, we know how to implement successful and efficient marketing campaigns.

Additionally, an in-house marketing team can become stagnant due to the same employees working on the same objectives. There is no room for diversity or growth in knowledge. Contracting new employees through an agency can bring creativity and diverse perspectives that have not been considered before. Especially with a smaller business, agencies can curate strategies that will work to their client’s advantage.

Let our Cause Agents take care of your in-house marketing team by working together, cohesively, to build your nonprofit’s success.
We care about making a difference.

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