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Only 24% of nonprofits

have a written & approved marketing plan

We Build Successful Marketing Campaigns For Nonprofits

You go to work every day for a cause that matters. Backed by a worthy mission and fueled with passion to make a difference, you spend your days spinning a multitude of plates to keep volunteers involved, budgets in line and your overall mission at work. Who has time for marketing on top of it all?

At The Cause Agency we get it. We partner with organizations like yours every day, taking the marketing of your plate so you can focus on the life-changing and world-shaping aspects of your work.

At the end of the day, our aim is to help develop public awareness of your nonprofit so you win more supporters and raise more funds to advance your cause. See what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur, Lone Survivor Foundation and the Key School. 

Every nonprofit marketing campaign we create is highly-specialized to tell the story of a unique organization and to reach a specific audience. These marketing campaigns come to life across a variety of channels strategically picked to reach the greatest number of potential supporters.

Fundraising Events Marketing

We know from experience how many nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the success of their fundraising events. (Also, who doesn’t love a good party?) These events generate considerable funds for the organization. Plus, they’re a great way to engage your audience and the greater public for support.

Our event marketing strategies are drawn from extensive experience of creating such events as part of successful nonprofit campaigns.

Our team will dream up unique fundraising ideas and help bring them to life for your organization. Fundraising events hit at the heart of The Cause Agency because they’re moments to champion your cause in an extra special way. Events gather people together, tell your organization’s story, and encourage others to get involved through volunteering and donations — it’s all there!

Our team at The Cause Agency will help you draw a large crowd of supporters and create substantial buzz about the incredible work your nonprofit is doing in the world — and we’ll have fun in the process.

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Social Media Campaigns

The Cause Agency understands the role social media can play in spreading messages about your organization. Our team of Change Agents know from firsthand experience how often people first look at an organization online before taking steps to connect for the first time.

With our experience in digital marketing, we can not only create social media posts (and larger campaigns) to target your potential supporters, but also mobilize supporters to spread the word online about your organization’s mission.

We will help you build a substantial platform for your nonprofit to share the good work being done and connect with your audience across various social media platforms. We’re here to champion your cause and raise money to advance your work.

Automated Email Marketing

At The Cause Agency, we know the power of email as a marketing tool. We have helped past nonprofit clients strengthen their email marketing with various email automation strategies to maximize outreach — and we can do the same with your organization.

Studies show that personalizing emails significantly increases open rates. Our email marketing strategy focuses on forming a more personal connection with your target audience.

With the help of email automation tools, we work to make sure every email sent is customized with individual or company names to increase open rates and, ultimately, conversions. We are here to help you build an increasingly relatable email communications strategy so people look forward to seeing your name in their inbox.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is more prominent than ever. In fact, studies show people better retain information when learning via video.

Our Change Agents utilize video content creation because it’s a wonderful way for you to tell your story and have people see and hear what your organization does. Short videos can make your story fascinating and memorable for anyone who watches. Then, those videos can go on to connect with an ever-increasing audience when we post the videos on YouTube and social media pages. Adding a call to action for people to support your organization through donations or volunteering will strengthen the longterm impact of a video filmed, edited and posted once.

You can trust The Cause Agency to make a nonprofit video marketing campaign that acquires new donors and grows your network of supporters.

Blog Posts

Though not flashy, search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the best online marketing strategies for nonprofits. That’s why nonprofit content marketing, through landing pages and blog posts, is at the heart of our services.

Before writing blogs, we conduct thorough keyword research to identify what your potential supporters are searching for as well your existing competition from other organizations. We then take that information and get to work.

The copywriters on our Cause Agents team can help increase your organization’s website visibility on search engines through their deft weaving of keywords and thoughtful content. We always aim to write blog posts that engage supporters, raise awareness and encourage donations to advance your cause.

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The top three biggest challenges for nonprofit communicators:

Lack of Time


Inability to Measure Effectiveness

Become the Nonprofit Everyone Knows

Choosing just the right strategy to tell your story and move people to action? Why, it would be our honor!

Tell us more about your marketing needs so we can get your nonprofit in front of juuuuust the right audience.