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Grant Writing

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With years of experience in the nonprofit sector, The Cause Agency specializes in helping nonprofit organizations secure the grant funding needed to reach their goals.

Articulate Your Mission With Our Expert Grant Writing for Nonprofits

Grants provide nonprofit organizations with the funding needed to carry out their missions. Getting the support you need will fuel your work and have a life-changing impact on someone else. That’s why we at The Cause Agency are so passionate about grant writing! Nonprofits have to invest in writing successful grant proposals to ensure their cause gets the ongoing support it needs.

For most nonprofits, securing funding through federal grants and other grantors is part of a larger funding plan to fulfill their mission.

At The Cause Agency, we understand the significance of continued and reliable funding from grants (don’t forget — we’re a nonprofit too!) to sustain your nonprofit organization’s ongoing work.

That’s why we partner with industry experts with years of experience in grant writing specifically for nonprofits. Our approach to grant proposal writing is a collaboration to clearly present your vision to potential donors.

Our grant writers take your mission, success stories, and financial needs and succinctly present them to grantors in a memorable way. We’ll capture the heart of your work and your very real needs so you can secure your nonprofit’s needed funding.

How We Position Your Grant Proposal for Success​

Our history with nonprofit grant writing includes an extensive list of federal government agencies and private foundations. Our work and years of writing give us a unique edge in understanding what funders want.

First things first, any potential funder will want to know why your nonprofit needs the funding, how the funding will make a difference and how they can help.

Create an Actionable Plan

Our expert grant writers will meet with your team to develop a specific and actionable plan that includes mapping out granting organizations and grant opportunities best suited for your cause.

Aligning with organizations that share a common goal can dramatically improve your chances of winning your grant proposal.

Research the Granting Organization

Part of writing outstanding grant proposals is understanding the granting organization. This involves researching their history and the current work they support, along with the details of their unique approval criteria and proposal requirements. We also like to research and identify the winning features of past successful bids.

It’s our work to make sure your grant application aligns with the funder’s requirements, meets deadlines, and not only piques the interest of the grant committee, but tells the incredible story and impact of your nonprofit.

We Get It Right the First Time

Using years of experience in successful grant writing, our team of expert grant writers can articulate your organization’s proposal. We take your success stories and build a solid case for funding by presenting your nonprofit’s strongest points in creative ways that ultimately meet the grantor’s requirements.

One of our best tips and tricks of the trade? Becoming familiar with the organizations and nonprofits a grantor has supported in the past. Our team uses that research to inform our writing and highlight your organization’s unique strengths in ways that connect.

Revise, Revise, Revise

Our grant writing process involves thorough revision of the final draft to ensure all requirements from the grantor are met and your nonprofit’s strengths, missions and success stories are presented in the best light. We want the final proposal to not only tell your story in a way that sings and shines, but also have every i dotted and every t crossed.

You can trust our team of Change Agents to create memorable and outstanding grant proposals to set you apart from similar organizations.

Let's Tell Your Story

As a nonprofit agency, we understand your organization’s unique needs and have the expertise to create and execute effective grant writing strategies to help you achieve your goals.

We’re committed to telling your organization’s story with a high level of strategy and compelling language. Let’s work together to get it done.