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Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has become an integral part of any nonprofit’s journey to success. The way we see it, in a world where good news seems to be in shortage some days, digital marketing allows your work to spread around the world and connect with donors globally.

At The Cause Agency, we are dedicated to causes for the greater good. As marketing professionals, we are here to help nonprofits like yours reach a broader audience through digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Nonprofits?

In a highly digital world, there are many upsides to focusing on digital marketing for your nonprofit. To start, a successful digital marketing strategy for nonprofit organizations results in a robust online presence — something that’s crucial for driving new traffic and new champions to your cause.

Depending on your marketing goals, a solid digital marketing strategy can also yield results in donor numbers, sign-ups and an overall increase in the engagement of key stakeholders.

Ultimately, digital marketing ensures more people know of your cause and therefore have the opportunity to support your organization.

5 Ways to Increase Engagement Through Nonprofit Digital Marketing

At The Cause Agency, we understand the challenges nonprofits face when prioritizing digital marketing. Given tight budgets, small teams and overall limited resources, our Change Agents will collaborate with your organization to develop a successful nonprofit marketing strategy. For more background on how we generally approach projects with our clients, here are our top five tips for driving engagement and achieving your marketing goals

1. Get Creative on Social Media Platforms

A comprehensive nonprofit digital marketing strategy includes a social media marketing plan for a strong presence on all major social media platforms.

However, with the increasing uptick of digital marketing by other nonprofits, your organization has to get creative to stand out and stay ahead.

One way to produce creative social media posts is through sharing success stories from your ongoing work. Use your nonprofit’s social media channels to share stories of individuals impacted by your organization and volunteers who are passionate about the mission.

Everyone loves to see good happening in the world, and users on your social media platform will want to engage with what they see and like. Adding a call to action in your social posts can direct their next step, whether it’s donating, volunteering or attending an event.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great tool to utilize in digital marketing. SEO is especially advantageous because it can produce organic search results through rich content. Therefore, a well-designed website with specific SEO content will rank you higher on Google search results.

As a nonprofit organization, you can use search engine marketing to drive traffic to your website. To maximize new traffic, create landing pages with a clear message to your visitors. For example, you can create an easy-to-navigate donation page to encourage donations.

3. Create Engaging Content on Your Blog

Often, part of nonprofits’ work is educating the general public about their causes. In addition to social media posts, a blog can be a rich source of information for volunteers and donors interested in your organization’s work.

Your blog content can even be SEO-friendly, building on the SEO content creation we talk about in No. 2. Using SEO blogs as part of your nonprofit’s digital marketing strategy can drive more people to your website in general. Why? Well, quality content ranks higher in search engines when people go looking for your cause or related topics.

To keep new visitors interested, we recommend including a strong call to action within each blog, along with working links to the other pages you would like them to see on your website.

4. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another part of effective digital marketing strategies used by successful nonprofits. As a direct marketing tactic, email marketing can boost your donor list, help your organization reach a wider audience and keep existing supporters updated on your mission.

Email marketing is also a good strategy to keep current and potential donors up to date on your work. Frequent but well-paced emails are an excellent way to keep your donors invested and help them feel part of your work to improve the community and carry out the organization’s mission.

5. Use a Professional Nonprofit Marketing Agency

Surprise! We may be biased, but this is definitely a technique to be considered.

Crafting a winning digital marketing campaign takes time, effort and expertise, as does running a nonprofit organization. Often, nonprofits do not have the resources (time, staff, etc.) to do both. We recommend you hire a professional to save time and resources. That professional (ahem, The Cause Agency) will achieve your organization’s marketing goal(s).

Hiring a professional digital marketer specializing in nonprofits could be the turning point your cause needs to grow and achieve its mission. An agency that understands the inner workings of a nonprofit and is passionate about joining your cause is perfectly positioned  to scale your digital marketing efforts.

How We Can Help?

As a nonprofit organization ourselves, The Cause Agency is passionate about your mission and wants to help you tell the whole world about it.

We help nonprofit organizations spread the word about their cause by crafting successful marketing campaigns to target ideal stakeholders. We also love to create strong brand identities for our clients that empower them to inspire others toward a better world.

Let us craft your winning digital marketing strategy. Reach out to us through our contact form to get started.