How to Get Creative with Your Small Nonprofit Marketing Budget

Last month we talked about the challenges a lot of nonprofits are currently facing due to budget constraints. This month, our team of Cause Agents want to share some ideas of how you can get creative with your small (or smaller than you wish) marketing budget. Let’s explore the possibilities of expanding your presence online […]

Challenging Times for Your Nonprofit? Consider Upping Your Marketing Efforts

Our team was surprised a few weeks ago when we opened our inboxes to find a story in the Fort Worth Report about a local nonprofit, Hope Center for Autism, immediately closing its doors. The article reports that on the evening of March 24, the nonprofit’s executive director, Susan Wood sent an email saying the […]

Nonprofit Annual Campaigns: 5 Ideas for a Fresh, Creative Spin

For many nonprofit organizations, their annual giving campaign is the backbone of their fundraising for the year. Not only do annual campaigns drive donations and support for the year, but they’re also one of the rare touch points for everyone — staff, casual supporters and major donors. From arts organizations to foundations, the success of […]

10 Nonprofit Truths to Know and Share

After 10 years of partnering with nonprofits, The Cause Agency has learned a lot about these change-making organizations — not only because we are one, but also we’ve had the privilege of working so with many of them. To mark ten years as a nonprofit marketing agency working with nonprofits, here are ten things we […]

Thank Supporters at the End of the Year: Three Ideas for Nonprofits

As you wind down for the year, it’s time to talk about how to thank your supporters. As a nonprofit, you’ve done some impactful work this year — that should be celebrated one more time (and from the rooftops!). In addition, you’ve likely had incredible support from donors and volunteers — they should be thanked […]

Stress-Free Tips for GivingTuesday & End-of-Year Giving Campaigns

While the last two months of the year are busy for almost every business and organization, non-profits have the additional challenge (and major opportunity) of creating GivingTuesday and/or end-of-year giving campaigns Depending on the scope of the specific project, designing and executing a giving campaign can be a big task involving the creation of graphics […]

Last Minute!

Last Minute!

Tactics for Non-Profit Fundraising in a HURRY! When your non-profit is lacking the expertise, time and resources to embark on a full fundraising campaign these tactics can help your cause ASAP.   FOCUS Focus on what your non-profit is accomplishing through a select few compelling and success stories. Give potential donors a way to emotionally […]

Officially Official.

Officially Official.

After several years of working diligently to achieve 501(c)(3) status we are thrilled to announce that The Cause Agency is now official! The Cause Agency is a beautiful and bold concept innovatively engineered by Jennifer Henderson, the owner and president here at J.O., that has the capability to make a major impact on nonprofits nation-wide […]

Four Tips for Marketing on Facebook

Four Tips for Marketing on Facebook

When promoting your nonprofit, obviously you want to go where the people are. These days, that means Facebook, with its 1.44 billion active users. The beauty of this platform is how easy it is to reach out to users with the same interests. However, the difficulty comes in grabbing and keeping their attention. While Facebook […]