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Campaign Development

Marketing campaigns are the building blocks for your cause’s bigger picture. These campaigns take your nonprofit’s cause and break it into actionable projects that harmonize your team’s efforts and keep stakeholders focused on the mission.

At The Cause Agency, we understand the importance of campaign developments for your nonprofit. Our creative Cause Agents develop marketing campaigns that reflect your brand identity, communicate your cause and convert potential stakeholders to your mission.

Our creative approach to campaign development for nonprofits is designed to help your organization create effective and successful campaigns to reach its goals. Our professional strategists and creatives work together to deliver tailored solutions and guidance to ensure success for your organization.

Take a look at the campaigns we’ve created for past clients More Than Budgets and Don’t Forget to Feed Me.

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Our Campaign Development Process

At The Cause Agency, your cause is our mission. Your vision for your organization informs our development of your creative nonprofit campaign. We love to hear about your passion and vision for your nonprofit’s work.

Additionally, we focus on brand identity and how well it is communicated to your target audience. We work with your nonprofit organization to establish your goals, objectives and the main focus of your messaging.

Our Cause Agents brainstorm with your existing team to evaluate your current nonprofit marketing campaigns and address any gaps in your marketing needs, your target audience and how to reach them.

With the collected data, we create marketing campaigns that meet your most pressing needs. These efforts include brand identity development, nonprofit fundraising, awareness campaigns and public relations.

We utilize multiple marketing channels to give your organization consistent and focused brand messaging through honest and provocative promotional methods that encourage engagement. With our creative approach, you can be sure that your message will reach the right people in the right way.

Team at a table with puzzle pieces

Why work with us?

Campaign development takes time, effort and team coordination to come to life. A nonprofit marketing campaign, such as an awareness campaign, social media marketing and promotion of a fundraising event requires thorough planning and execution.

Additionally, nonprofit organizations present unique challenges to reaching wider audiences and raising awareness to drive engagement.

As a nonprofit, The Cause Agency is uniquely positioned to understand the driving force behind your organization: your cause. We care about your message and are passionate about your community-building efforts.

To help the community, nonprofit organizations need to raise funds and connect with their target audience to encourage participation for the greater good.

At The Cause Agency, we take pride in our proven track record of creating effective marketing campaigns that inspire and influence audiences to take action.

Make Your Story One for the Books

Your nonprofit’s story deserves to be told creatively, boldly, thoughtfully, strategically. Tell us about the campaign of your dreams — we want to make it a bestseller.