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Bragging Rights

Today it is easier to promote your municipality or organization than in the past when social media was less utilized. If you are a municipality and have not yet established a social media account, consider the benefits. Accounts are easily created, and posts can be used to promote anything ranging from restaurants and local news to famous attractions and employment information, as well as the latest scores from local sports teams.

If you already have a social media page for your town, city or county, then take steps to ensure those who live in your community know about it and be willing to manage it regularly. As an example, let’s look across the globe to South Korea. This East Asian country is home to more than 80 cities, and each is represented through social media. To gain attention, municipalities design their respective pages, showcasing the uniqueness of each area including popular landmarks and attractions.

Marketing your municipality helps local economies grow and leads to more people visiting your city. In the case of South Korea, for example, Mr. Juyoung Kim manages Gwangju city’s Facebook page ( Mr. Kim is heavily involved in the community, and he provides chances for college students to create content and manage popular pages, which gives these students great experience and helps them create a strong foundation for their portfolios and future employment.

Social media is not meant to replace marketing efforts, but rather complement what you’ve already been doing that has been successful. If properly used, social media is an indispensable tool.