Officially Official.

November 23, 2015

After several years of working diligently to achieve 501(c)(3) status we are thrilled to announce that The Cause Agency is now official!

The Cause Agency is a beautiful and bold concept innovatively engineered by Jennifer Henderson, the owner and president here at J.O., that has the capability to make a major impact on nonprofits nation-wide through design, marketing and public relations.

“We have created a model where we can offer discounted marketing and PR services to nonprofits that meet our criteria so that they are better equipped to promote their respective missions; attract more members or patrons, donors and sponsors; and increase overall awareness of their organizations.” Henderson has worked with a number of nonprofits as clients over the years and knows that many nonprofits work on a shoestring marketing budget, making it difficult to create and implement higher-level awareness campaigns.  Bringing The Cause Agency to life allows nonprofits to now receive quality agency services that are “nonprofit budget-friendly.”

Officially Official.