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December 9, 2015

Tactics for Non-Profit Fundraising in a HURRY!

When your non-profit is lacking the expertise, time and resources to embark on a full fundraising campaign these tactics can help your cause ASAP.



Focus on what your non-profit is accomplishing through a select few compelling and success stories. Give potential donors a way to emotionally and personally connect with your cause so that they want to give. Donors want to see how their gift is going to make their local community and the world a better place.

Donors want to see the tangible difference they could make by giving  — not the output of numbers like your non-profit’s web site traffic numbers.

Knowing that the gift they gave provided winter coats for ten of the children at the school down the road. They will experience joy from realizing knowing that because of them, all of the children will be able to enjoy recess this winter.



Put together an online giving campaign. Plan and schedule three to six e-mails that will go out during December and through the first week of January. December 31st is the BIGGEST day for online donations throughout the entire year, do not miss out!



Once you attract a donor to your website, then reinforce a strong call to action to give (example: Ensure that navigating and donating is made as simple as possible to do. Visit other successful non-profits for ideas and to see how their donations pages function. You will most likely notice that once you are on their actual donation page there is nothing to distract from giving; no links off of the page or other promotions.

Offering a monthly giving option is also a great idea to offer on your donations page. Doing this is a great opportunity to build personal connection with your non-profit cause while simultaneously gaining a solid foundation of donors. If you want to see what we are talking about then click here



There are so many non-profits out in the world today that it is important for donors to be confident and aware of where and what their gift is going toward. Send a thank you note or a e-newsletter depicting how many scholarships your organization funded or the name of a dog that found a home showing real change instead of simply figures.

A couple more ways to make your donors feel secure in giving:

Make sure your information is up do date, GuideStar provides your non-profit’s 990 information from the IRS as well as your mission, programs, goals, accomplishments and needs.

Charity Navigator

This web site does not include all 501(c)(3) charities but it does offer insight into non-profits from a financial efficiency standpoint, thus providing value for their giving.

Once a donor feels like a partner in your efforts to bring about change they will be more likely to support your charity for the long haul, committed donors like these are the backbone of a successful charity.  Here at The Cause Agency we wish every non-profit the best in achieving their year-end goals as well as their long-term visions. Check back here soon for more tips and information.

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