Five Fundraiser Ideas for your Nonprofit this Summer

July 19, 2021

Reaching the halfway point of the summer season means it’s time to brainstorm for the second half. First up on our brainstorming list (and hopefully on yours too) is thinking of some new fundraising ideas. We’ve come up with five summer fundraising ideas that you can take back to your nonprofit to raise funds to further your cause. 

#1: Host an Outdoor Fitness Class

Who doesn’t love a good workout, especially to help a great cause? Partner with a local gym or workout studio for a class or two, and offer discounted or donation-based tickets where the proceeds go back to your mission. The gym gets involved in some philanthropy, your participants receive a fun and safe workout, and you reach your fundraising goals. 

#2: T-shirts for a Cause

What better way to advertise and fundraise for your nonprofit than on a t-shirt? Design a t-shirt that centers around your cause and sell it to support your mission. You could even make it into a friendly t-shirt competition, either with donors as participants or other nonprofits nearby! Check out our version of a t-shirt design fundraiser and contest here:

#3: Drive-by Parade 

Wishing people a happy birthday in a car parade first became popular when COVID-19 struck. Why let the fun idea go now? If your nonprofit has a home base or headquarters, organize a drive-by parade to celebrate an organization anniversary, birthday, etc. Have donation buckets, music, and cool sweet treats on hand, and watch the donations roll in. Get some more free advertising by encouraging participants to decorate their car with your organization’s name and cause. If a parade doesn’t float your boat, do a drive-by grab bag or auction with fun gift baskets that can be purchased in a flash.

#4: Ice Cream Social 

Ice cream is great year-round, but especially tasty during the warm summer months. Gather at a local park, your organization’s headquarters, or a staff’s front yard to exchange cones for donations. Everyone will have a smile on their face, including your organization when the event becomes a fundraising success. 

#5: Drive-in Movie 

Take advantage of perfect nighttime temperatures to take the movie outside! Invite donors to a local drive-in movie, either set up by you and your team or with the help of a drive-in theatre nearby. Sell tickets, concessions, blankets and more to help reach your fundraising goals.  

Five Fundraiser Ideas for your Nonprofit this Summer