Capturing donors through storytelling

November 8, 2021

Although, there are various ways to promote what your nonprofit is passionate about to your donors, storytelling has always proven to be one of the best ways to capture donors’ attention.

Testimonials are always a good idea as they are authentic and real. If you can express what your organization does through the eyes of your client, your storytelling can be very beneficial in capturing donors. People say pictures are worth a thousand words but storytelling through videos could help viewers resonate better as they can see emotion. Hearing stories through videos is easier to understand and form a long-lasting impression.

Lately, many organizations are creating mini documentaries and videos to talk about their companies and nonprofits mission and long-term goals. These videos should be a shorter format and more succinct, that way viewers will be attentive and will remember the information from the video for a long time. Storytelling can also help deepen the relationship between your community and your cause. When you set intentions from the start and work on empathy and creating connections though virtual platforms, fundraising and marketing for your new nonprofit will thrive and hopefully increase the donor dollar over time.

Statistics prove that a third-party endorsement through journalism is eight times more believable than anything else, anything paid or anything that you distribute. Additionally, 57 percent of people who watch a nonprofit video go to donate to help support the cause. Furthermore, if a nonprofit shares their true story about their work from the eyes of the clients, it will build trust among people as they learn more about their impact on the society. Trust is a main factor as only then will you be able to attract donors.

We also believe nonprofits should try to sell themselves through word of mouth of current clients and donors personal experience. People are usually able to connect emotionally with real life stories and would give the viewers a reason to support your cause to make a difference. Get out there and encourage your stakeholders to spread the word about all the good work your nonprofit does!

The Cause Agency works with other nonprofits to help spread their cause to the community. Our Founder, Jennifer Henderson would love to talk to you further about the benefits of storytelling and how that can capture many more donors.

Capturing donors through storytelling