About Us

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Marketing for the

Greater Good

The Cause Agency isn’t a marketing, design and public relations agency locked away in a tall ivory tower somewhere. We’re a team of marketing experts on the ground with causes like yours. Cause that’s what matters.

We launched in 2013 as a mission-focused, nonprofit marketing firm to offer discounted services to nonprofits — charitable causes, arts organizations, higher learning institutions, hospitals, foundations and more. With a long history of promoting the important work of for-profit and nonprofit groups, our founder Jennifer Henderson figured she could gather some friends from every marketing corner she knew, do some good for others and along the way improve communities. We wanted to be a 501(c)3 because, after all, it takes a nonprofit to know a nonprofit.

So what makes us special?


We’re a nonprofit agency.

We understand the realities of nonprofits because they’re our reality too. It’s also why we offer top marketing, design and public relations services at a discounted rate.


We tailor-fit our team to meet your marketing needs.

We don’t have employees at The Cause Agency. Instead, we have a team of experts called Cause Agents. Some have day jobs at marketing agencies, some freelance their skills and others just have a lot of 501c3 passion, but the common denominator in every Cause Agent is the desire to bring more good into the world.

We’ll pick just the right combination of Cause Agents to take on your cause so that our team fits exactly to your needs.

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Our Partners Trust Us

A lady named Jennifer takes a casual stance with her arms at her side as she looks away from the camera and smiles. She now has 2 silhouettes of herself to the left and right her showing 2 different aspects of her personality.
A lady named Caitlin holds her face as she smiles into the camera. She now has 2 silhouettes of her to the left and right showing different aspects of her personality.


Create the Magic

Support the Cause Agency

Join us in the cause of marketing for the greater good! If championing worthy organizations sounds like a good time to you, get on board.

Become a Cause Agent

We are always on the lookout for new marketing types to join our team. If you have a passion for causes and a mind for marketing (or photography, writing, design, fundraising, business development, etc.), complete our Change Agent form now. We can’t wait to meet you!

Share With Friends

You may not oversee the marketing efforts of a nonprofit, but you probably know someone connected to one. Support The Cause Agency and other worthy causes by connecting us. Send a link to our website now. Tell your friends about us. Email us about a nonprofit you think we could help — we’ll take one or all of the above.

Support Financially

In case you missed it, The Cause Agency is also a nonprofit. We deliver top marketing services to other nonprofits at a discounted rate because worthy missions deserve excellence. If you’re passionate about supporting the flourishing of nonprofits too, join the effort with a donation.

Gifts to The Cause Agency can be made by check and sent to:
440 S. Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Or simply call us and we can find another way to receive your donation!

Your team + our team?

Come on — it’s going to be the dream team! After all, it takes a nonprofit to know a nonprofit, right?

Use the contact form to tell us what you’re looking for in an agency partner. We can’t wait to hear from you.