The Cause Agency

About Us


The Cause Agency is a nonprofit design, marketing and public relations firm working for other nonprofits to serve the greater good through our expertise – marketing. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to join the world-changing work nonprofit organizations do by taking their message to the masses. Whether it’s for a charitable cause, higher learning institutions, hospitals or foundations, it’s our passion to help nonprofits do more with less.


In 2013 The Cause Agency was launched as a mission-focused, nonprofit marketing firm offering discounted services to other nonprofits. The Cause Agency founder, Jennifer Henderson, figured that with a long history of promoting the important work of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, she could do some good for others, and, along the way, help improve communities and enhance lives. What better way to serve nonprofits than to be one?

Board of Directors


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 5

Lauren Bogle – Outreach
LB Productions


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 4

Catherine Coleman – Member–at–Large
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Strategic Communication
Strategic Communication
Texas Christian University


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 1

Jennifer Henderson – President,ED


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 3

Suzin Hines – Ex-Officio
Chief Operations Officer
Underground Threads


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 2

John McKenzie – Treasurer
CEO/President at Lazarus Wealth Management


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 4

John Singleton – Ex-Officio
International Consultant


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 4

John Thompson, MEd, CFRE – Member–at–Large
Director of Philanthropy
Mensa Education and Research Foundation


TCA_HeadshotsArtboard 4

Blakely Warner – Member–at–Large
Specification and Print Sales representative
Lindenmeyr Munroe SW