The Cause Agency

Every cause needs a champion, a flag bearer, a voice.

By inspiring us all, a single voice of compassion can become that of many voices, rallying to become agents of a cause together. It is through this bravery that the actions of one gain traction and becomes a movement of many, relaying a message of need and spreading the word for the greater good of all. We hear your call. We welcome the challenges before us and stand at the ready to begin growing our roots with you.

The Cause Agency - Cause an Effect

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower nonprofits by providing marketing services so worthy organizations achieve recognition and better serve their communities.


The Cause Agency is a nonprofit design, marketing and public relations firm working for other nonprofits to serve the greater good through our expertise – marketing. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to join the world-changing work nonprofit organizations do by taking their message to the masses. Whether it’s for a charitable cause, higher learning institutions, hospitals or foundations, it’s our passion to help nonprofits do more with less.


In 2013, the owner of J.O., Jennifer Henderson, launched The Cause Agency as a mission-focused, nonprofit marketing firm offering discounted services exclusively to other nonprofits. We figured that, with our long history of promoting the important work of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, we could do some good for others, and, along the way, help improve communities and enhance lives. What better way to serve nonprofits than to be one? It all goes back to doing what we do best: telling a branded, marketable story in a persuasive way.

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Your cause is our mission.

Tell us about your passion for the nonprofit work you’re doing and the vision you have for your organization. We’ll evaluate your current marketing strategy, if you have one, and determine your greatest marketing needs. Through creative brainstorming with our team and yours, we’ll develop a marketing plan that addresses your needs, your obstacles and your budget. Then we’ll execute a powerful, creative and buzz-worthy marketing or public relations campaign that will tell your story in an honest, provocative way.

Who do we work with?

The Cause Agency works with nonprofit organizations that have reached a point where they need a full-service creative team to work beside them and carry out marketing and public relations initiatives beyond the scope of their existing staff. The Cause Agency acts as a support team to organizations that are ready to market their cause at a higher level in order to advance their mission, but need outside help and expertise to ensure the success of their efforts. We help nonprofits develop a focused message and clear brand identity that will target the right supporters and turn those supporters into true advocates for their cause – which, ultimately, means better advancement opportunities for all people in our communities.

Pitch your cause.

If you work with or know of an organization that can benefit from working with The Cause Agency, we’re just a phone call, an email or a tweet away. How can we help?


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The Cause Agency Qualification Form

Ideally, a Cause Agency Client:

• Has established a budget for marketing efforts
• Has a goal in mind for what their marketing effort should accomplish
• Has determined a timeline or is open to guidance from TCA
• Is ready to collaborate with TCA to accomplish marketing goals