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5 (Easy) Steps for Crafting the Perfect Nonprofit Fundraising Plan

Do you know what a fundraising plan is? No? Then you’ve come to the right place. Many nonprofit organizations don’t use fundraising plans when they first get going, but as their operations become more complex and more time passes, they realize that a plan is sorely needed. But, what is a fundraising plan? The Fundraising […]

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Mastering the Elevator Pitch

An individual approaches you at a networking event and casually asks, “What does your organization do?” Can you answer that question at a moment’s notice, in a relatable, colloquial way? If you answer this question the right way, it can prove to be invaluable to your nonprofit. A well-prepared, well-delivered, 30-second pitch means more interest […]

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Bragging Rights

Today it is easier to promote your municipality or organization than in the past when social media was less utilized. If you are a municipality and have not yet established a social media account, consider the benefits. Accounts are easily created, and posts can be used to promote anything ranging from restaurants and local news […]

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Inside the Mind of a Donor

As our world becomes more digitally advanced, it’s important for industries to remain up to date on the newest technological advancements. Nonprofits especially need to be aware of business trends involving social media and digital marketing so that they don’t get left behind or overshadowed by for-profit institutions. Just as for-profits do, nonprofits need to […]

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Balancing Donor Retention and Acquisition

Nonprofits must be shrewd in their efforts to obtain and retain donors, but what are some effective methods? How do nonprofits petition new donors without neglecting loyal ones? Although acquiring new prospects is a necessary and important challenge for nonprofits—one which deceptively seems to be the only method that promotes growth—retaining donors should be a […]

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How to Fundraise on Facebook

In this technological age, it’s critical for nonprofits to reach potential donors in ways that are innovative and outside-of-the-box: not only by hosting events and in-person meetings, but also through the strategic use of social media platforms. As of November 2015, nonprofits are able to launch specific fundraisers on their Facebook Pages. This tool displays the […]

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Bridge to Donor Longevity

We all know the phrase, “You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.” It means you can only get from people what they are willing or able to give. When it comes to fundraising, many nonprofits can relate to the old adage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a donor who makes a one-time online gift of […]

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Hold on to Helping Hands

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we thought it important to discuss how organizations can best motivate their volunteers to stay long term. The Cause Agency relies heavily upon the skills of its passionate Cause Agents, who selflessly contribute their time and are the heart and soul of the organization. The first step we take […]

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All’s Well That Sells Well

It can be like pulling teeth when trying to obtain successful auction items for fundraising events. Many mistakenly focus on quantity rather than quality, which can lead to the surplus effect wherein bidders seek out bargains rather than being affected by competing bids on a smaller pool of items. Modest items (anything under $100) should […]

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Why are non-profits so depressing?

If non-profits do good things… Then, why are they so depressing? The ability to provide happiness, comfort, relief and support for another human being is one of the greatest abilities that we possess as a society. The simple gesture of genuine kindness, love, concern and support towards another person, animal or the environment is what […]

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Non-Profits Using Social Media

By thinking outside of the proverbial box you can get your non-profit out there in the world. The Cause Agency has compiled some tricks of the trade and other people who are sure to inspire you too. FOCUS On being useful – do not seek social media outlets in search of funds. Show your audience […]

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Using Pathos and Logos to reach an audience

One of the main goals of any nonprofit is to reach new audiences that are willing to donate time and money to their respective causes. Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, suggests that there are three main models of persuasion: ethos, logos and pathos. For many nonprofits, it is recommended to use pathos, as this form […]

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App Advice for Non-Profits

HOW NON-PROFITS ARE CAPITALIZING on the TECH SECTOR Non-profits are evolving with the rapid development and use of mobile apps. However, to tap into this market your non-profit must provide a well-designed and useful app. Be aware that only 20 percent of apps are opened only once. Make sure yours is one that is worth […]

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Last Minute!

Tactics for Non-Profit Fundraising in a HURRY! When your non-profit is lacking the expertise, time and resources to embark on a full fundraising campaign these tactics can help your cause ASAP.   FOCUS Focus on what your non-profit is accomplishing through a select few compelling and success stories. Give potential donors a way to emotionally […]

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Officially Official.

After several years of working diligently to achieve 501(c)(3) status we are thrilled to announce that The Cause Agency is now official! The Cause Agency is a beautiful and bold concept innovatively engineered by Jennifer Henderson, the owner and president here at J.O., that has the capability to make a major impact on nonprofits nation-wide […]

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Four Tips for Marketing on Facebook

When promoting your nonprofit, obviously you want to go where the people are. These days, that means Facebook, with its 1.44 billion active users. The beauty of this platform is how easy it is to reach out to users with the same interests. However, the difficulty comes in grabbing and keeping their attention. While Facebook […]

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Changing The World: Greater Access To Higher Educaction

People often say we live in a time of “unprecedented” change, but I will note that all change is, by its nature, unprecedented.  If there is “precedence,” it is not change. I see many programs doing great, beautiful innovative work around the world.  But I have more than a little concern for the time in […]

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A Two-Way Street: How Volunteers Gain From Giving

The act of volunteering is crucial for nonprofit organizations. Volunteers not only reduce costs through their devoted work to the company but they typically provide extraordinary service to clients, since they share a passion for the organization and its mission. According to Custom Development Solutions Inc., recent studies estimate that about a hundred million people […]

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Why Nonprofits Should Target Millennials

Many think of the millennial generation as selfish and unaware. Despite this misconception, nonprofits are realizing that millennials are a growing force in the philanthropic world; they just require a different approach. According to, 63% of millennials donate to charities and 43% actively volunteer. That doesn’t sound lazy and uninterested. Millennials are the generation […]

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What’s your favorite color? The Psychology Behind Your Brand

It’s a simple question, one that we are prepared to answer from the time we can talk. Most of us have a favorite color that evokes a certain emotion and draws our eye. What you may not know is color plays a large role in brand perception and recognition. Color can be the sole reason […]

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The Cause Agency’s First Pro Bono Client: More Than Budgets

In a world with so many pressing social issues and a culture that has turned tackling those social issues into a trendy status symbol, it’s hard to sift between the people who want to do good and the people who want to be seen doing good. But, oh, how inspiring it is when you do […]

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A Nonprofit Advertising Agency: Changing Our City with Creative Problem Solving

  For more than two years, The Cause Agency (TCA) was a “Work In Progress” agency.  Turning the dream of a nonprofit advertising agency into reality was no easy task but TCA persevered. We filed paperwork, formed a Board of Directors, wrote by-laws and organized volunteer professional creatives who share our passion for positive change. […]

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Five Secrets to a Successful Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

  It’s no secret that social media is a great tool for your nonprofit. In fact, 50% of nonprofit communicators label social media as a “very important” communication tool (Nonprofit Marketing Guide Trends Report 2013). The importance of social media begins and ends with your strategy. Strategy is the foundation for all of your actions […]

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Volunteers: Do’s and Don’ts

Running a nonprofit is hard work. And it often means working hard for longer hours and with fewer resources. To the understaffed nonprofit, volunteers are like manna from heaven. They come alongside your organizational and take up your banner for zero compensation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, volunteering is at a ten […]

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Your Website Says More Than You Think

  Websites are essential for marketing all types of businesses, events, individuals and nonprofits. However, websites can do little for these entities if they are cluttered or lack content.   A website represents your organization, so when promoting your nonprofit, you should be aware of what your website says about your organization as a whole. […]

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How To Not Be Just Another Email

We all have experienced looking in our email inboxes and finding floods of emails from businesses trying to get us to buy their products or fund their businesses. However, if done right, email marketing can be an effective marketing tool for your nonprofit. Email marketing is a great way to keep your current and potential […]

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Why Nonprofits Need Marketing

Nonprofits work hard to help their community with fundraising, volunteerism, and tackle social issues. With so many donors to contact and programs to run, nonprofits run out of time for marketing. Online activity will never fully serve the needs of nonprofit marketing but it’s a great place to start. Without a strategy organizations simply adapt […]

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A Nonprofit Serving Other Nonprofits

We’re a group of advertising professionals using our experience to serve nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit ourselves, we provide marketing services to help nonprofits accomplish their respective missions and gain support from the community. We believe marketing is essential to the success of any organization so we’re working to bridge the gap between a nonprofit’s […]

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What Sets You Apart From Other Nonprofits Like Yours?

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S., according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. How does your cause stand out amongst all the rest? Take, for example, that you are a nonprofit with a mission to help families in need of housing.  When you Google housing nonprofits, there are […]

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How Nonprofits Can Master Video Storytelling

Videos are becoming the most effective way a nonprofit marketing campaign can connect with potential donors and volunteers to build a loyal online community. Regardless of the organization’s mission or size, videos are a fast-growing social media trend helping nonprofits attract much needed attention. Quality equipment and proper techniques are essential, but the success of […]

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Tackling Common Nonprofit Problems Using Simple Solutions

  I’ve been researching the reoccurring problems that plague nonprofit organizations. There is no doubt that nonprofit work is imperative to our communities — whether it’s running a local campaign against breast cancer or supporting a food bank. Nonprofits have different business goals than for-profit organizations, but they share common issues with budgeting, management, financing, […]

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pro bono

The Importance of Pro Bono Work and its Return on Your Investment of Time

How do “they” do it? How do “those people” find the time to commit to pro bono work between the demands of both personal and work life? It may seem difficult to find extra time, but if there is one thing worth reserving a few extra hours a week for, it is pro bono work. […]

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Why Hire an Agency?

Advertising is crucial for businesses to make it in the big bad world, all because of a little thing called competition. But DIY is so overrated. Instead of hiring in-house, consider letting a professional take over. Our interns collaborated to explain to you via an infographic why YOU should hire an advertising agency.

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The Art of Appreciation

The Art of Appreciation

When was the last time we looked someone in the eye, our mother, boss, child, the barista at our local coffee stop and said “thank you” for their service or for just being themselves? Expressing verbal appreciation is a small act of kindness that has gotten lost among the text messages, emails, and the daily […]

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Thank you Pallotta

Thank You, Pallotta

Dan Pallotta has caused a bit of controversy with his recent TEDTalk, “The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong.” His talk is brilliant in that he opened up a much needed dialogue about how our view of charitable giving and nonprofit management stifles the nonprofit organizations we want to see grow and flourish […]

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Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Two weeks ago our client Susan G. Komen Greater Fort Worth Affiliate hosted their 21st Race for the Cure, an event that includes a 1 mile fun run, a 5K run, a parade honoring breast cancer survivors and much more. J.O. was out in full force to support Susan G. Komen. Check us out! The above […]

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Nonprofit Marketing: Essential for Mission Success

Large corporations spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing each year. Why? Because, while you may have the world’s greatest product (i.e. cure for the common cold), it will never sell unless people know about it. Private sector companies understand the benefit of investing in marketing, but most nonprofits do not have the luxury of […]

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Two is Better Than One: The Success of Crowdraising Techniques

Crowdsourcing is a technique used by organizations and businesses to obtain services and ideas from large groups of people. The general concept is to combine the efforts of crowds of volunteers or part-time workers, where each one could contribute a small portion, which adds into a relatively large or significant result. Often described as “distributive […]

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The Business of Blogging

Long gone are the days when blogging existed solely as a pastime for the overtly opinionated. Today, the blog serves as a powerful marketing tool for businesses—and brands are learning its value. Not sure if blogging is for you or your business? Ponder this: 57 percent of companies that blog monthly have gained customers through […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

Social Media. Ah the excitement! The joy! You will get a Facebook page and your business will erupt in success! It is so easy, just look at all of the teenagers online or glued to their phones. If they can do it, then you can definitely do it… WRONG. Yes, social media can be very helpful […]

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